Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top Ten Foods I Could Eat For The Rest Of My Life

I don't know if I can limit myself to ten, but I'll give it a shot. The fact of the matter is, I LOVE food, and have SO many favorites.

1) Lasagna
This is always the first food that comes to mind when someone asks my favorite food--and my favorite lasagna is the one my husband, Barry, makes (followed closely by the lasagna from Spaghetti Warehouse!)

 photo wp2014_rec_VegetableLasagna_zpsaqo2nek6.jpg

2) Lobster
This follows closely behind lasagna when I start to think of favorites. Don't get full lobsters very often these days, but I gladly settle for a lobster tail.

   photo Baked20Lobster_zpstqkzkyrc.jpg

3) Pizza
Just heard this morning that, according to a Harris Poll, this is America's #1 comfort food.  I can understand that, as it is one of the first foods I think of when I'm trying to decide what to eat for lunch, especially in the winter. My favorite type of pizza is Hawaiian, but I'm also a big fan of supreme--and I'll eat almost anything on pizza in a pinch, except anchovies.

 photo Lifestyle_Taste_PastaPizzaAndSandwiches_HawaiianPizza_LifestyleArticle_FEATURED_zpspwgydfg8.png

4) Burritos
Love, love, LOVE burritos--homemade, storebought, restaurant food, whatever!

 photo beefbob_zpswnvek0uj.png

5) French toast
My all-time favorite breakfast food!
 photo FrenchToast_DT_zpskapccu40.jpg

6) Blackberries
I can eat these any time of of my favorite snack foods

 photo Blackberries_3821343779_zps8wuszcsh.jpg

7) Brownies
Either plain or a la mode, I don't care which!

 photo hotfudgebrowniealamode_main1_zpscnnrwpis.jpg

8) Cheesecake
I have always enjoyed regular cheesecake, but I also just recently discovered cappuccino cheesecake, thanks to my youngest daughter.

 photo Wilton-cappuccino-cheesecake-large_zps6zdtu4a3.jpg

9) Fried bologna sandwich
Comfort food from my childhood

 photo 670px-Make-a-Fried-Bologna-Sandwich-Step-5_zpsrz5lmlba.jpg

10) Peanut butter and pickle sandwich
This has been my all-time favorite sandwich since I was twelve years old, and I still eat it on a regular basis.

 photo 2377098754_0bf6536862_zps1w1dxs9f.jpg

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My 2016 Reading List

 photo ReadingList_zpsjgfj9t4m.jpg

Books I've Read So Far
Shamrock Shenanigans by Kathi Daley
A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly
A Free Unsullied Land by Maggie Kast
Last Dance by Joyce and Jim Lavene
Stabbing In The Senate by Colleen J. Shogan
Thread and Gone by Lea Wait
Swan Deception by Glede Browne Kabongo
14 Days To Die by A. B. Whelan
Whispers In The Reading Room by Shelley Gray
The Things We Keep by Sally Hepworth
All In Her Head by Sunny Mera
The Adventures Of Midge and Moo by Kerry McQuaide (children)
Dee and Deb Off They Go--Kindergarten First Day Jitters by Donna M. McDine (children)
Accused by Tonya Craft
Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
The Memory Box by Eva Lesko Natiello
New Beginnings: A 31-Day Devotional Journey by Cathy Bryant
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Sweet Pepper Hero by J.J. Cook
Zimmerman Academy: The New Normal by Kathi Daley
The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey
George by Alex Gino
Karma's A Killer by Tracy Weber
Gunfight At Grace Gulch by Darlene Franklin
How To Grow An Addict by J.A. Wright
Dante's Gift by Aubrey Wynne
Caskets From Costco by Kelly Wilson
His Father Still by Tim Hollister
Double Doubt by Ann Hammerton
We Are All The Same by Jim Wooten
Journey Beyond The Trauma by Dr. J. Denee
Anthem by Ayn Rand
Game Of Fear by Glede Browne Kabongo
Silly Elephant by Nadhu Poduri (children)
Follow Me Home by Cathy Woodman

Books I'm Currently Reading
The Ravine by Robert Pascuzzi
My Name Is Not Friday by Jon Walter
The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson
Chasing The Codex by Patricia Rockwell
Gone By Midnight by Joyce Lavene
Spies And Spells by Tonya Kappes
A Disguise To Die For by Diane Vallere

Books I've Already Scheduled For Review
Murder On Wheels by Lynn Cahoon
The Final Tap by Amanda Flower
No Cats Allowed by Miranda James
A Scone To Die For by H.Y. Hanna
The Gates Manor Band by Jan Hemby
Dearly Departed by Hy Conrad
A Bead In The Hand by Janice Peacock
Killing Me Softly by Kathryn R. Biel
Change Of Heart by Jeanne Bishop
In The Dark by Chris Patchell
Memory House by Bette Lee Crosby
The Beautiful Daughters by Nicole Baart
Dragon Wife by Diana Green
Molly's Misadventures by D.E. Haggerty
Africa's Big 5 Wild Animals by Anna Othitis  (children)
The Ninth Life by Clea Simon
The Girl You Lost by Kathryn Croft
City Of Savages by Lee Kelly
Strangers On A Bridge by James Donovan
Stand by Shannon Perry
The Heart Of The Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Crystal The Christmas Angel by Theresa Oliver (children)
Destination Hope by Shellie Nichol
The Munich Girl by Phyllis Ring
God The Reason by Craig Biehl
Happy Homicides by Joanna Campbell Slan (Valentine edition)
Lie In Plain Sight by Maggie Barbieri
Lincoln's Bodyguard by T.J. Turner
The Daffodils Still Grow by Sherrie Tidwell (children)
Deep Fried And Pickled by Paisley Ray
Shards Of Murder by Cheryl Hollon
Plateful Of Murder by Carole Fowkes
A Jingle Valley Wedding by Martha Reynolds
The Virgin's Daughter by Laura Andersen
The Virgin's Spy by Laura Andersen
The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum by Kirsten Weiss
Dark Touch by Aimee L. Salter
Empire Rising by Cheyanne Young
Lastland by A.R. Ivanovich
Mirror World by John Calicchia
Eyeshine by Cy Wyss
The Skeleton In The Closet by Angie Fox
In Gallup Greed by Tower Lowe
Jamie Quinn Series by Barbara Venkataraman
The Emerging Sensitive by Maria Hill
The Semester Of Our Discontent by Cynthia Kuhn
Death Before Decaf by Caroline Fardig
Outrageous by Neil Katz
House Of Echoes by Brendan Duffy
Murder On The Menu by Zanna Mackenzie
Starfish Island by Deborah Brown
Murder At The 42nd Street Library by Con Lehane
Latent Image by Joshua Graham
Delivering the Truth by Edith Maxwell

Monday, January 25, 2016

I Am From........( a poem template)

I Am From

by Teresa Kander

I am from

a blue time out chair


vinyl records and eight track tapes

I am from

a house on a hill


a neighborhood filled with friends

I am from

the hill behind Uncle Bill's house


trees beckoned me with open arms

I am from

Trixie Belden books and trips to the library


Danners and Johnsons

and from

faith and loyalty


stubbornness and love

I am from

church every Sunday


chocolate pie and mashed potatoes


a showboat clown

and from

a hardworking farmer

I am from Pink Ears the stuffed rabbit

I am from the moments

I spent with my cousins, the times on the marching band bus, the lunches in the choir room

I am all of this and more.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starting Over

Haven't been using this blog since May of last year, so I decided it was time to start over and be a little more disciplined about posting this year.  We'll see how it goes.
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