Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top Ten Foods I Could Eat For The Rest Of My Life

I don't know if I can limit myself to ten, but I'll give it a shot. The fact of the matter is, I LOVE food, and have SO many favorites.

1) Lasagna
This is always the first food that comes to mind when someone asks my favorite food--and my favorite lasagna is the one my husband, Barry, makes (followed closely by the lasagna from Spaghetti Warehouse!)

 photo wp2014_rec_VegetableLasagna_zpsaqo2nek6.jpg

2) Lobster
This follows closely behind lasagna when I start to think of favorites. Don't get full lobsters very often these days, but I gladly settle for a lobster tail.

   photo Baked20Lobster_zpstqkzkyrc.jpg

3) Pizza
Just heard this morning that, according to a Harris Poll, this is America's #1 comfort food.  I can understand that, as it is one of the first foods I think of when I'm trying to decide what to eat for lunch, especially in the winter. My favorite type of pizza is Hawaiian, but I'm also a big fan of supreme--and I'll eat almost anything on pizza in a pinch, except anchovies.

 photo Lifestyle_Taste_PastaPizzaAndSandwiches_HawaiianPizza_LifestyleArticle_FEATURED_zpspwgydfg8.png

4) Burritos
Love, love, LOVE burritos--homemade, storebought, restaurant food, whatever!

 photo beefbob_zpswnvek0uj.png

5) French toast
My all-time favorite breakfast food!
 photo FrenchToast_DT_zpskapccu40.jpg

6) Blackberries
I can eat these any time of of my favorite snack foods

 photo Blackberries_3821343779_zps8wuszcsh.jpg

7) Brownies
Either plain or a la mode, I don't care which!

 photo hotfudgebrowniealamode_main1_zpscnnrwpis.jpg

8) Cheesecake
I have always enjoyed regular cheesecake, but I also just recently discovered cappuccino cheesecake, thanks to my youngest daughter.

 photo Wilton-cappuccino-cheesecake-large_zps6zdtu4a3.jpg

9) Fried bologna sandwich
Comfort food from my childhood

 photo 670px-Make-a-Fried-Bologna-Sandwich-Step-5_zpsrz5lmlba.jpg

10) Peanut butter and pickle sandwich
This has been my all-time favorite sandwich since I was twelve years old, and I still eat it on a regular basis.

 photo 2377098754_0bf6536862_zps1w1dxs9f.jpg

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