Monday, February 2, 2015

A Few Of My Favorite Things.....

List five of your most recent favorite things:

1) Bigelow White Chocolate Obsession tea: Barry bought me a box of this tea over the weekend, and I love it. It has white AND dark chocolate in it, as well as black tea, and is tasty with or without sugar.

2) Goodreads First Reads giveaways: I've won 38 books from them since June of last year, and there are new giveaways posted every day.

3) How To Get Away With Murder: Probably the best crime show since Law and Order.

4) Ghiradelli Squares Valentine's chocolate assortment: Something else Barry got me this weekend. It has milk chocolate with caramel filling, dark chocolate with strawberry filling, and 60% cacao dark chocolate.

5) Super Bowl halftime show: One of the best I've seen in years. Katy's outfits, her entrance, the colors of the entire show, Katy flying during "Firework"---it was simply amazing!

And what about those Super Bowl commercials?  Budweiser, Doritos, Nationwide, Mercedes Benz---those were the most memorable ones for me.

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