Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 was...

2014 was a fairly good year for me.

January--I was declared cancer free, which made all the trials of 2013 actually worth it!

February--we had some nasty snow storms, but I was fortunate not to have to get out in them. Stayed home, stayed warm, and did lots of reading.

March--more snow,but during a trip to the mall, I was cheered by seeing live penguins as part of an event that was taking place---and by buying myself a Doctor Who t-shirt. Spent a few days in Gallipolis for my uncle's funeral.  Had a mammogram, and all results were normal!!

April--Back to Gallipolis for my aunt's funeral (both were siblings of my mother)

May--Eleven years married to Barry, and still going strong.

June--Amy and Greg got engaged, which made all of us very happy.  Since then, we've been planning for their wedding, even though there's not a definite date set yet. Hopefully they'll take care of that THIS year! Barry and I spent a few days with my mother after she broke her ankle, helping her out with some housecleaning and running some errands for her.

July--My 53rd birthday, and unlike 2013, I didn't have to spend it in the hospital.  Also scheduled my first appointment with the plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction.

August--Got to meet Amy's future in -laws and have lunch together. Also went to family reunion.

September--Surgery to put in tissue step closer to being done with the cancer journey.

October--Went shopping for Amy's wedding dress--she found one at her first appointment!

November--Had most of the family here for Thanksgiving dinner. Started an online class on "How To Write Your Life Story."

December-- Started another online class on writing poetry, had a family get together on Christmas Eve, and rang in the new year with my wonderful husband.

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