Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's Going To Be A Tough Month

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November has been a tough month for me since 1978, and it just seems to get tougher as the years go by. In November 1978, my paternal grandfather passed away very shortly after being diagnosed with leukemia. He was the first grandparent I lost, and it was a difficult loss for me.  In November 1991, a good friend and downstairs neighbor committed suicide on Thanksgiving night. In November 2013, my former husband, the father of my two older children passed away unexpectedly (the day after what would have been the birthday of my second husband, the father of my youngest child, who is also deceased).  Last year I also spent the month of November making five trips a week to radiation, which was no picnic.

This November is already shaping up to be another "fun" one. Tomorrow I will be doing something I wish I didn't have to do, something that could change a LOT of lives forever, depending on what happens once it all goes into motion.  I know that it's the right thing to do, I'm just not sure it will be seen that way by everyone. Just keep me in your prayers for now, and I'll share more information if/when the situation progresses.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I Believe

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What I believe:

  1. I believe in the power of a positive attitude. Without it, I don't believe my breast cancer experience would have gone as well as it did.
  2. I believe in God. 
  3. I believe in miracles. 
  4. I believe everything happens for a reason, which is why I don't believe in regrets.
  5. I believe in family.
  6. I believe chocolate is a major food group.
  7. I believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.
  8. I believe in happily ever after.  :)
  9. I believe in sweet tea like my Granny used to make....so sugary that it's more a syrup than a drink.
  10. I believe in the joy of a good book, a warm blanket, and a cup of Earl Grey tea.
  11. I believe that every home should include at least one pet.
  12. I believe that every human being has the right to marry the person they love.
  13. I believe in the power of hugs.
  14. I believe in me.
  15. I believe in music.
  16. I believe in choosing clothes I like and look good in, not clothes that are in fashion.
  17. I believe in pink.
  18. I believe in old-fashioned values.
  19. I believe in romance.
  20. I believe a smile can change someone's day.
There are more things I believe, but that's a good start.  
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