Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Cartoons

 photo TT_zps76b35957.png

Today is National Animation Day....so we are sharing our ten favorite cartoons, past or present.

(Mine are all from the 1960s)

1) Tom and Jerry
 photo 6395d6f2705e91a4982f2872658636fe_zpsc9064f06.jpg

2) Jonny Quest
 photo jonny-quest-big_zpsba57d3ca.jpg

3) Space Ghost
 photo space-ghost_zps1d83ae58.jpg

4) Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
 photo Scooby-Doo-Where-Are-You_zps7eb9264e.jpg

5) The Pink Panther Show
 photo Arrival_zps154cebd1.jpg

6) The Banana Splits
 photo f8f458b7a3282384f4cadb164bba03d5_zps3b00f2b5.jpg

7) The Magilla Gorilla Show
 photo 13340-magilla-gorilla-cartoon_1440x900_zpsa923d70c.jpg

8) The Jetsons
 photo the-jetsons3_zpsb2d0e699.jpeg

9) The Flintstones
 photo The-Flintstones-Wallpaper-the-flintstones-6041275-1024-768_zpsdbf7c551.jpg
10) Beany and Cecil
 photo beanie-and-cecil_zpsec528462.jpg


  1. I was little in the 70's, so I watched some of these cartoons as reruns! I totally forgot about The Banana Splits until I saw that picture!

  2. Oh yes! Cartoons of the 60s and 70s - my cartoon-watching era as well! :) Excellent list, Teresa. I'd forgotten about a lot of these - like Beany and Cecil, The Banana Splits and Magilla Gorilla. So glad you reminded me. :)

  3. Space Ghost!! I forgot all about that one! Love it!

  4. The Pink Panther!! My youngest (7) loves to watch that one on Netlix now!


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