Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Tuesday Ten #31--Scary Movies

KinkyCherries: Tuesday 10

My Top Ten Scary Movies

The Entity--This one scared the bejeebers out of me the first time I saw it. Barbara Hershey is amazing!. 

The Exorcist--OMG....I still can't hear "Tubular Bells" (the theme song from this movie) without getting creeped out.

Nightmare On Elm Street--Pretty much the whole series...the original, not the remake.

The Ring--nightmare inducing

Blair Witch Project--psychologically disturbing

13 Ghosts--just plain scary!

Halloween--actually like the original AND the Rob Zombie remake

Carrie--Stephen King ROCKS horror

Audrey Rose--Reincarnation story that didn't get a lot of publicity

The Grudge--So very creepy

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