Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Tuesday Ten #30--Favorite Candies

KinkyCherries: Tuesday 10

Favorite candies:

1) M & Ms: These have always been my biggest favorite, particularly when I was pregnant with both Samantha and Amy (with Brian my biggest craving was strawberry pie!) I also have a large collection of M &M collectible items. 
 photo tumblr_lhlkbcnLhQ1qcnqeu_zpsa0769708.jpg

 2) Junior Mints: My favorite movie theater candy since I was a kid.
 photo juniormints_zpsce7602bc.jpg

3) Snowcaps: Another movie favorite....I still like to have one of the two while watching videos at home.
 photo 20111021-candy-a-day-sno-caps_zps3f2f311d.jpg

4) Zero: I've always liked white chocolate, in moderation, so that made these perfect for me (as well as the white chocolate bunny I always got in my Easter basket!)
 photo image-127905_zps0f7cfe2b.jpg

5) Andes Mints: These are just SO good....and the Peppermint Crunch ones they sell around Christmas are amazing, too!!
 photo andes-mints-300x300_zps2661a538.jpg photo andes-peppermint-crunch-candy-125048_zps220c7ed0.jpg

6) Toffifay: I discovered these little gems when I was a teenager, and have loved them ever since. Unfortunately,they aren't so easy to find these days.

 photo Toffifay-Candy-Packs-C101371_zpsfc6f07be.jpg

7) Toblerone:  I was in my mid-twenties and living in Germany before I discovered this little slice of heaven....and now every time I have one, I remember the good times spent in Germany....so it's a comfort food of sorts.
 photo Toblerone-of-Switzerland_zpsd60bb36a.jpg

8) Ghiradelli squares Twilight Delight: These are my newest favorite...deep dark chocolate with an amazingly rich taste....and dark chocolate is good for me, so if I eat one square a day, it's strictly medicinal, right?   :)
 photo e10c64117b0b3e51715e13bf4ce4ca01_zpsd3fff7d0.jpg

9) Esther Price chocolates: A local chocolate company that I love....and eat sparingly to make it last. I got a two pound box for Christmas, and I still have a handful of pieces left--at least for today. 
 photo 8b28aaf80a22d932535126e084e3fe81_zpsf698439a.jpg

10) Sees chocolates: I'd never heard of this company till I met my husband, as they are more West Coast based....but I was quick to become a fan, especially of their lollipops. 
 photo freebies2deals-sees-candy_zps2b3f17c3.jpg

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