Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where Were You? Memories of 9/11/01

9/11 where or what were you doing when the news broke all those years ago?

I went out early that morning to run some errands after sending all three kids off to school. I came home, turned on my computer, and saw horrible pictures all over the place. I turned on the television just in time to see the first tower collapse.

I called my husband at his job, where they hadn't heard anything about it yet, so he was stunned and yelled for someone to turn on the television there. We spent the rest of the day checking in with each other every time one of us heard something new, to make sure the other person heard it.

As more information came in, including the fact that our schools were on lockdown, I was going nuts being the only one at home, but I was also too afraid to get out and go anywhere. So I sat in front of the television, crying and praying.

Once the kids came home,we watched a bit of the television coverage, but then I turned off the tv and encouraged them to play in their rooms, telling them that we were going to be okay (even though I wasn't sure of that), and that I would answer any questions they had. 

To this day, I still get nervous when a low-flying plane goes over our house, and sometimes still have the nightmare I had a LOT back then, of a plane crashing into our backyard.

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  1. I was in the hospital holding my newborn and first baby. I watched and then I turned off the TV and held her and rocked making plans for how I would raise her in this crazy mixed up world.


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