Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Country, Good And Bad

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 Day 3:  Describe the country you are from or that you live in, both the good and the bad.

As you can tell from the map at the top of this post, I live in the United States, in the state of Ohio. Here is my list of the pros and cons of living in this country.

Racial and cultural diversity

More freedoms than a lot of other countries
Diversity in climate and weather

Better standard of living than many countries around the world
Free public education
Amazing national park system

Government is too involved in people's personal business
Economy sucks!

Political ignorance of a lot of citizens
Lack of public transportation in way too many areas
Poor healthcare
Welfare system with rampant fraud

1 comment:

  1. I completely agree with your list of cons. Our welfare system has too many holes in it to be truly useful to the majority of our citizen. The concept is great, but too many people take advantage of it to be a beneficial system. It needs a big overhaul.

    But our National Park system is beautiful :)


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