Saturday, August 23, 2014

Venting My Frustration

I totally reached my breaking point yesterday! For the third time this summer, plans were made and then cancelled at the last minute, with a flimsy excuse we were just supposed to buy without question. In July it was my birthday which was missed, then earlier this month it was a two week vacation, and this weekend it's two family gatherings.  Coincidence?  I find it hard to believe that at this point.

Granted, I should expect this from this particular person, as she has a lifelong history of creating her own reality to suit her. But I especially thought the planned events this month would come off, as she knew how important they both were to me. It breaks my heart that I could have been so very wrong.

This weekend hurts the most, really.  I'm having another major surgery in about three weeks, and I was looking forward to having my entire family together for a couple of days, and getting some pictures to commemorate the time as well. I'm confident that the surgery will go great, but I also try to be realistic...any surgery is a risk, you know?

Anyhow.....I just wish that she would realize I'd prefer she hurt me with the truth of the matter than try to placate me with some story with so many holes it couldn't float in a puddle.  :(

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry. :( There are people like that in my life, too. I hope that your upcoming surgery goes well!



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