Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kids and cell phones

Project Mommy

9. How old do you think a child should be before they get their first cell phone?

This is a hot button issue for me. I get SO frustrated with parents giving their five and six year olds a cell phone. Generations of kids survived without having a cell phone at all, and now it seems like everybody has one attached to their ear all day long. 

For my kids, a cell phone was a luxury item, not a necessity. We didn't just hand one over to them when they asked for it, that's for sure. Our house rule was very simple: when you can afford to pay the monthly bill/replenish the minutes, then you can have a cell phone. At that point, we would buy them a they could use to call and text, period....and their first air card. Only one of the three ever took us up on that offer....the other two didn't get phones until after they were 18.

In order to avoid offending readers, that's all I'm going to say about the subject right now.


  1. My thought is....I remember leaving a Major League baseball game one evening and a whole family 'searching' for a lost phone that belonged to a child clearly under the age of 10. I couldn't help thinking they shouldn't be so upset or surprised at this and they definitely were.

    1. Exactly....most young children aren't responsible enough to own something expensive and keep track of it.

  2. I bought my daughter a cell phone when she entered the 6th grade...because she was walking to school now and it made ME feel better knowing she had it. It's a pay as you go cheapie phone that she's only allowed for emergencies or if she goes out and needs to call me to pick her up. It costs me ~$60/year. Pretty much all of her friends have iPhones and I think it's terrible.


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