Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Still Miss Someone

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Day 6: Someone or something you miss.

I've lost a lot of people in my life, and it's tough to just choose one to write about, so I'm not even going to try.  I'm going to talk a little about all the people I've lost, and hope this doesn't get TOO long.

1) All of my great-grandparents:  I actually only met five of the eight, and can only clearly remember four of them.  Of those four, I miss three of them a great deal (my mother's paternal grandmother was a bit scary for a young child, and firmly believed that children should be seen and not heard--her younger sister was much more child friendly.)

2) All of my grandparents: My maternal grandfather died in 1978. My paternal grandmother died in 1985, while I was pregnant with Brian. My paternal grandfather died in 1989, while I was pregnant with Samantha. My maternal grandmother died in 1999.

3) Three aunts and three uncles: Two of my mother's siblings, Janet Sue and Buddy (Hollis Gene), died when they were very young, so I never got the chance to know them. Her youngest sister, Loretta Jane, was more like an older sister to me than an aunt (she was 8 yrs old than me), so it was difficult for me when she died during my senior year of college. Two more of my mother's siblings, Robert Lee and Inez Ann, died earlier this year, within three weeks of each other. And on Father's Day, I found out that my father's older brother, Frank James (Jim), passed away TWO YEARS AGO and no one on that side of the family bothered to get in touch with me. That one is going to hurt for quite a while, I'm afraid.

4) My friend and neighbor Ron (R.P.), who took his own life on Thanksgiving Day, 1991.

5) My former husbands (the fathers of my children): George died of lung cancer in February 2012, and Doug died from diabetic complications in November 2013. Losing both of them so young, and relatively close together, was a very difficult, confusing time for me.

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