Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Did My Child Just Say?

This is a story that has been told many times in our family, and will probably continue to be told over and over again. It was one of the first full sentences spoken by my youngest, Amy, now 21.5 years old.  She was around 18 months old, and was sitting on the floor playing with her Duplo blocks. Out of nowhere, she suddenly said "Mommy, these blocks won't cooperate!" Her father and I exchanged looks, and I asked her what she said. She responded "They won't do what I want them to do!"  So, not only was she using a multi-syllable word, she was using it correctly and knew what it meant.  She has always had a mature vocabulary, thanks to her parents never using baby talk, as well as having two older siblings around to talk to her all the time.

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