Thursday, June 12, 2014

Twenty-Five Things That I Will NEVER Do

 photo 25-number_zps9946673d.jpg

1) Bungee jump

2) Sky dive

3) Own a pet snake

4) Wear jeggings

5)  Lift weights

6) Make my own clothes

7) Get a tattoo 

8) Use illegal drugs

9) Buy coffee from Starbucks

10) Juggle

11) Climb a mountain

12) Be a Justin Bieber fan

13) Learn to play the piano (more than picking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

14) Dye my hair (again--not after losing it all to chemo and getting the chance to start all over again)

15) Be a millionaire

16) Be comfortable with public speaking

17) Ride a motorcycle

18) Ride a bicycle

19) Learn to swim

20) Go to the North or South Pole

21) Stop eating chocolate

22) Stop coloring in coloring books

23) Root for That School Up North

24) Stop listening to music

25) Stop learning

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