Wednesday, June 11, 2014

High School Days

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Things I Miss About High School:

1) No bills--Mom and Dad paid for everything, and whatever money I made from babysitting was mine to spend as I saw fit.

2) Minimal stress--The biggest thing I had to worry about was getting my homework done on time.

3) Hanging out in the choir room--not just during choir, but also at lunch, and instead of being stuck in study hall.

4) Football and basketball games, which really means marching band and pep band.

5) Passing notes to my BFF between classes

6) Walking "over town" during the lunch period

7) Seeing my friends every day

8) Knowing how to get the nurse to send me home any time I didn't want to be there.

9) Snow days

10) Being a SENIOR

11) Having so much of life to look forward to

12) Thinking that 30 was old   :)

13) Prom

14) When cruising was the highlight of the weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I think what I miss the most about high school, or being young in general, is having free weekends! I feel like weekends are always busy with sports or catching up on house things. Or visiting people because it's a birthday or holiday of some kind. Free weekends are so hard to come by now :)


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