Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day SUCKS!!!!

If you read my post last month about my relationship with my parents, as well as my letter to my father this past Friday, you already know that my relationship with my father, while it started out wonderful, went south on more than one occasion and has been non-existent for about 17 yrs now.

Yesterday afternoon, I realized just how totally non-existent it truly is, and it was a tough hit that still has me feeling lost, disappointed, hurt and angry.  I was on Google, looking up some family tree information, when I came upon an obituary that took my breath away. No, it wasn't for my was for his older brother (and only sibling), my Uncle Jim---who passed away TWO YEARS AGO.  Yep, that's right.....May 31, 2012, and no one ever thought to let me know.

So I guess I know where I rate with that side of my family at this point. I don't!!  And of course that leaves me wondering if I'll even be notified when my father dies, or if I'll wind up finding that out sometime after the fact when I stumble across it while doing my genealogy research. I used to hold on the slim hope that someone would let me know at least that information, but yesterday that rug was yanked out from under me with force.  I suppose I should have already accepted it by now, but I obviously haven't, and I doubt I ever will.   :(


  1. I didn't get along with my dad either, Teresa, and as a result I feel I'm stronger. And the secrets my mother let us know as she got closer to 70 also amazed me. She would always start with, "I did tell you about such and such didn't I? Of course, she had not.

  2. I'm sorry. I grew up a Daddy's girl. I love my dad dearly, but we don't have that close relationship we once had. I'd like to rebuild our relationship….
    I hate to think of the what ifs… and when I do, I think I need to try harder to build.
    I'm wishing you all the best.


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