Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

The Liebers

This week's theme: Your summer bucket list

Not sure if I can come up with ten things I want to do this summer, but I'll give it a shot.

1)  Street fair in Yellow Springs, Ohio

2) Block party in Fairborn, Ohio

3) Celebrate my birthday!

4) Johnson/Lambert family reunion, Gallipolis, Ohio

5) Spend time with my grandson.

6) Eat lots of watermelon (to make up for not getting to eat ANY last summer due to chemo).

7) Drink lots of sweet sun tea.

8) Make s'mores whenever possible.

9) Have at least one deep fried Twinkie.

10) Enjoy EVERY day!!!!


  1. Sounds fun. I so love s'mores and sweet tea!

  2. Oh, S'mores!! I forgot to put those on my list! :-)

  3. I hope you get to eat all the watermelon you want! I had chemo a long time ago, and it really ruins your appetite, doesn't it? ;)

  4. Ooooh! A deep fried TWINKIE!?!!? I am dreaming of that tonight for sure! Great list and I pray you get to check off each one (especially the Twinkie ;) LOL

  5. Great list!! I love watermelon. My favorite way to eat it is to cut it in half and then just dig in with a spoon. It's mostly just water, right!?!

  6. I LOVE Smores but have never tried a deep fried Twinkie. Might have to add that to my bucket list.


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