Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Pet Peeves

Day 11 photo petpeeves_zps0e821652.jpg

Describe ten pet peeves you have.

1) Liars: Especially the ones who continue to lie when they know you know the truth.

2) Deadbeat parents: If you're enough of an adult to make a child, then be adult enough to support him/her---financially, emotionally, and any other way.

3) People who are perpetually late: Your time isn't more important than anyone else's. If you are supposed to be somewhere at a specific time, be there unless there is some sort of emergency.

4) People who use "gay" or "retarded" as insults: Buy a thesaurus and/or a dictionary, and expand your vocabulary.

5) Homophobes: What other people do in their bedroom should have NO impact on your life.

6) People who behave as though their religion is the only one that counts, and all others should be ignored: Last time I checked, we still have religious freedom here in the USA, and some people need to learn what "tolerance" means.

7) Racism: We're all part of the human race, and that's all that should matter.

8) Text speak: U and R are letters, not words....B4 is for bingo, not for communication....and if you can type "wuz" why not use the actual spelling "was"?

9) People who STILL drive with a cell phone held to their ear: If you want to risk your own life, that's up to you---but my family and I would prefer NOT to have you crash into us because you're distracted.

10) Empty toilet paper rolls left on the dispenser: It's not rocket science, people....if you use the last of the toilet paper, get out another roll, take the empty roll off the dispenser, through it away, and replace it with the full one. It takes just a few seconds, and it will keep me from ranting about it!!!

1 comment:

  1. I sometimes use r or u in place of the words if I want to get the message out quickly. And I often forget to replace the toilet paper.


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