Saturday, May 3, 2014

Love Sweet Love

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Describe your relationship with your spouse

My relationship with Barry...well, it's about as  close to perfect as anyone can get. We have much the same tastes in books, movies, music, tv shows and the like (with just enough differences to keep things from getting boring). We like most of the same foods (and he's gotten me to eat things I never imagined I would like!). We're both basically shy people who would rather stay at home alone with each other than be out in a large group of people.

Because of all these likenesses, we really seem to "get" each other, in all our quirkiness. He's a little more quirky than I am (or a LOT, depending on who you ask),but he never fails to make me smile.

We think alike on a lot of subjects...but not all. We sometimes have some very spirited debates over the subjects where we don't agree, but they never get heated--and we both know that neither of us will ever change the other's mind.

We don't really fight about anything anymore. We've had some pretty nasty arguments in the past, but once we worked through the issues that caused them, we've stayed pretty much argument free for the last three years or so.

We've seen each other through health issues (his pneumonia and lung cancer, my breast cancer) and come through more in love and more devoted to each other than we had been. I am convinced that, after two other efforts, I have finally found THE ONE, and that the almost 11 years we've been married are just the beginning.

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  1. Congrats on a wonderful testament to true love!!


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