Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y Is For Young At Heart

I've always aspired to stay young at heart, no matter how old I may be chronologically. As a child, my role model for achieving that was my maternal grandmother. No matter how old she was, there wasn't much that could keep her from being there when she was needed by one of her children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. As an adult, I've seen my mother behave in that same way. Now in her seventies, she still travels a great deal, and stays very active. Now that I have entered my fifties AND have grandson, I am beginning to put the lessons I've learned into practice...doing fun things with him, taking him to fun places, and spending as much time with him as possible.


  1. I would like to stay young at heart, too. I think spending a lot of time with children and young people will help us stay young at heart.

    In the Way Everlasting

  2. Yay for you! I'm about your age and have a grand nephew of 4 months. I am loving every moment I have with him! Life is great right now! Thank you for your post today - made me smile!

  3. Sounds like your grandmother was a great model of young at heart. Almost to the A to Z finish line. Enjoy. Maria, Delight Directed Living

  4. Very cool Tesa and Yes you can! Am so glad to have met mumsies like you blogging away and doing several stuffs and I commented on another blog that in my country Cameroon, few mumsies are this 'techky' :)


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