Monday, April 28, 2014

X Is For Xerophilous

  • xe·roph·i·lous
    thriving in dry habitat: thriving in or adapted for a hot dry habitat

    This letter is a BIT of a stretch, but it's close.....I have always found that I feel better, physically and emotionally, when I'm in hot weather. And the lack of humidity would make it even better physically. I'd love to be somewhere hot and dry, with an ocean....that would be true paradise for me.


    1. I visited Sedona, Arizona that was definitely hot and dry (no ocean though). I couldn't get enough body lotion to keep this skin from looking like alligator skin.
      Visiting from A to Z~
      Wendy at Jollett Etc.

    2. Sounds pretty lovely to me right now. Had an afternoon and evening watching the sky for twisters yesterday.

    3. Never heard of this term. Very interesting and helps expand my vocabulary for my writing. Thank you! I am visiting from the A to Z challenge and have been amazed at the words and concepts people have come up with for X.


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