Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ten Things Of Thankful--A Special Edition

Ten Things of Thankful

On Thursday and Friday this week, Barry and I were in my hometown of Gallipolis, Ohio.  Exactly three weeks to the day after attending visitation and a funeral for my Uncle Bob (my mother's older brother), we were back to say goodbye to my Aunt Inez (one of my mother's younger sisters). So my heart is heavy this weekend, and I almost considered skipping this blog hop entirely.  Instead, I decided to do something special, and share some family photos, in honor of the people and memories I am so very thankful for, today and always.

Aunt Inez and her husband, Uncle Richard, 2009.

Uncle Bob, Mom, Aunt Inez,Uncle Bill and Aunt Agnes, 2011.

Aunt Lula Mae, Uncle Bob, Mom, Aunt Inez, Uncle Bill,and Aunt Agnes, 2012.

Uncle Bill, Aunt Lula Mae, Mom, and Aunt Agnes, 2014

My brother(far right, back row) and I with about half of our cousins from Mom's side of the family.

Me, my nephew, my brother, and my mother

While that's only six pictures, there are tons of reasons in them to be that's where I'm going to leave it this week.   :)


  1. I'm so sorry for your recent losses. Without a doubt, you have compiled more than ten things of thankful! What a lovely family, and so big! Photos help so much with keeping our memories intact, don't they?

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I hope you are okay. This is such a nice way to do this post. For what it's worth - I also have both an Uncle Bill and an Uncle Bob. We lost my Uncle Bob about 10 years ago. I just smile every time I see another reference to the names in that context - because I know how common the names are, while knowing how unique the people are.

    Sorry for the most recent loss of your aunt. Your photos are a wonderful way to pay tribute. - Louise

  3. This is perfect! This is the kind of thing I would do too--family pictures are treasures for me, and the gateway to so many wonderful memories. I'm so sorry for your losses, but I love that you celebrated their lives in your post.

  4. Pictures are fabulous when words are difficult or inadequate! Sorry for your recent losses. Thanks for sharing in spite of your grief.

  5. beautiful family.... Sorry for your losses, Its not easy to care for yourself at times like well.

    I have to say I love the names Inez and Lula Mae!


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