Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T Is For Trusting

I seem to be an all or nothing kind of girl when it comes to trusting people. Either I open my heart up to you completely, taking you and face value, trusting in everything you tell me (and often getting my heart broken because that trust is misplaced)......or I draw inside myself, putting up that wall, refusing to let you get too close, until you have earned my trust.

Believe it or not, I actually prefer the first option. Yes, it can lead to pain, but the second option leads to isolation and loneliness. I'd much rather trust people, and sometimes be wrong....because if you never trust anyone, then you never have anyone who really knows you and can be your true friend.


  1. Trusting is very tricky but I strongly believe One shud not trust every one and any one easily !
    Good luck Teresa
    Dropping by from A to Z

  2. I hopped over to your site from the A to Z challenge, which I am also participating in. I appreciate your candor and willingness to show human vulnerability in this post. I have been thinking lately about how all of us are so trusting in the ways we use technology, after being recently hacked and having my email account spoofed--what a nightmare! Obviously I hadn't put up enough walls to protect myself. We sometimes put our trust in the wrong place, not just in terms of people but also in entities like big companies who are also too trusting--think of the recent troubles with Target's customers. Thanks for this post Teresa. It really made me continue to take stock.


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