Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet, Sweet Candy

The Golden Spoons

It's National Jelly bean Day and we will be sharing our favorite candies!

1) M&Ms: These have always been my biggest favorite, particularly when I was pregnant with both Samantha and Amy (with Brian my biggest craving was strawberry pie!) I also have a large collection of M&M collectible items. 

 2) Junior Mints: My favorite movie theater candy since I was a kid.

3) Snowcaps: Another movie favorite....I still like to have one of the two while watching videos at home.
4) Zero: I've always liked white chocolate, in moderation, so that made these perfect for me (as well as the white chocolate bunny I always got in my Easter basket!)

5) Andes Mints: These are just SO good....and the Peppermint Crunch ones they sell around Christmas are amazing, too!!

6) Toffifay: I discovered these little gems when I was a teenager, and have loved them ever since. Unfortunately,they aren't so easy to find these days.

7) Toblerone: I was in my mid-twenties and living in Germany before I discovered this little slice of heaven....and now every time I have one, I remember the good times spent in Germany....so it's a comfort food of sorts.

8) Ghiradelli squares Twilight Delight: These are my newest favorite...deep dark chocolate with an amazingly rich taste....and dark chocolate is good for me, so if I eat one square a day, it's strictly medicinal, right?   :)

9) Esther Price chocolates: A local chocolate company that I love....and eat sparingly to make it last. I got a two pound box for Christmas, and I still have a handful of pieces left--at least for today. 

10) Sees chocolates: I'd never heard of this company till I met my husband, as they are more West Coast based....but I was quick to become a fan, especially of their lollipops. 

 And, since we just celebrated Easter, I also have to give a shout out to my favorite Easter candy, other than the previously mentioned white chocolate bunny.....PEEPS!!!!


  1. Great list! You have introduced me to several brands I’ve never heard of before.

  2. So much chocolate! I haven't heard of all these brands but they look good!

  3. I had forgotten about Zero bars. Haven't had one in ages, but I used to love them. My grandmother would always buy me one when I wn to the grocery store with her. :-) Never been a fan of Peeps, though!

  4. You've got a lot of chocolate on your list! I haven't had Toblerone in a long time, but my CVS carries them. They were my brother's favorite candy growing up.


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