Friday, April 18, 2014

P Is For Private

The above quote says it all. I try to keep as much of my life private as possible. That sometimes creates an issue for me as a blogger who writes about my life.  It's difficult to let go of some things and share them with the world. 

Being a private person sometimes makes my real life difficult as well.  I have a tough time expressing my fears to people, or asking for help with problems. That means I sometimes get myself into a real MESS before acknowledging that I can't do it on my own.


  1. I've been known to be a private person, sometimes when I shouldn't be or have no real reason to be.

  2. I loved your take on privacy. I can identify completely. I'm one of those - lock me away from everyone for days and I am perfectly happy - types. I write fiction and find that making me, the writer, no less a character than those on my pages helps open me up a bit. Hope to read more. Good luck with the A-Z!

  3. I understand this completely, and it does make it tricky to navigate this modern, tell-it-all, share everything on social media world. I don't think I have to put my whole life out there. I prefer my professional life and personal life to be separate. I like a privacy that warrants that I don't 'tell all' and post pics of my every waking moment.

    I agree. I'm with you on this!


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