Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N Is For Natural

I am a very natural person. I am the same with everyone-I don't try to be someone I'm not in order to fit in, or impress others. I don't wear makeup, so the face you see is the face I was given, imperfections and all. Since losing all my hair with chemo, and just now having it grow back in, I have made a decision that I will never color it again, so that it will not become dry and damaged like before. It may have more grey than I'd like to see at this point in my life, but so be it. What you read in my blog are the same sort of things you would hear me say in you are in fact getting to know the real me through these posts.


  1. Hello, I am visiting from A-Z.
    I like that your blog is the natural you.
    I don’t wear makeup either. I cannot be bothered. Several times, I have let my hair grow out and just be my natural color, which at this point is gray. Then for a change of pace I’ll experiment with different colors. I have not tried red or purple yet though :)

  2. I was inspired by the TV show "The Big C," when Laura Linney's character made the comment that "growing old is a privilege." How easy is it for us to forget that in this struggle to always look and feel young? Not everyone gets to see gray hair, so it's important to love those grays!!!

  3. I don't usually wear makeup. I run a brush through my hair, put it up in a ponytail and I'm done. Makeup is something that is best worn in moderation.

  4. Wow, I really admire your honesty and your down-to-earth attitude towards beauty. I suppose once you've gone through chemo you have a better perspective and can see what really matters in life.

    ~Tizzy @ Creative Therapy

  5. well- I don't wear makeup either, BUT I do color my hair and revel in the luxury of an occasional pedicure. But like you- what you see is what you get!
    Congratulations getting thru chemo- it isn't easy- I have been lucky so far not to have to endure what I watched with my Mom and good friends. They are my heros.


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