Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might......

The Liebers

Today is World Wish Day, so this week's topic is 10 Wishes I Would Love To Wish.

I wish that we could afford to build our dream house. I've spent most of my life planning just how it should be designed, as has Barry....so with a few compromises, I'm sure we could combine our plans and come up with something that would make us both happy.

I wish that all my friends and family members were able to be healed from all of their health problems, and would stay healthy for many years to come.

I wish that I was able to spend more time with my grandson, and that he and his parents didn't live four hours away.

I wish that we could put an end to bigotry and intolerance.  Whatever happened to live and let live, and respect for others?

I wish a cure for cancer could be found.

I wish that money really DID grow on trees, and that we had one of those trees in our backyard.

I wish that I owned a deserted island somewhere in the South Pacific, that I could get away to when life in general was getting me down.

I wish for happy homes for all the children everywhere in the world who are waiting to be adopted.

I wish that I had a Morkie puppy, a Boston Terrier puppy, and a sugar glider.

I wish that I knew someone who was a Wishcrafter, like in the new book series I discovered....so that he or she could make all these wishes--and any others I might wish--come true!


  1. I need to know the name of this book series you're reading. Sounds interesting!

    1. Wishcrafter Mysteries, by Heather Blake

  2. Oooh, I often wish for a deserted island. Not to live on full time, perhaps, but at least to visit for good parts of the year!

  3. I love the deserted island one! Never thought of that, but the would be lovely! Great list~


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