Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's In My Purse

The Liebers

Turn your purse upside down and tell us ten things that fall out.

I don't carry a lot of things in my purse these days (not like when I used to carry a HUGE one that had everything but the kitchen sink in it!), but there are some things that are pretty much staples.

1) Wallet--with a small amount of cash, debit card, credit cards, pictures, ID

2) Notebook--because I never know when the muse will hit, or when I need to write down a book title.

3) Keys--actually a BUNCH of keychains with a single house key on it.

4) Phone--on those occasions when I actually remember to pick it up before I walk out of the house.

5) Tissues--because they're more sanitary than the handkerchief my grandmother used to tell me a lady should always carry with her.

6) Eyeglass cleaner--you never know when you're going to need it, and I can't stand when my glasses get really dirty.

7) Hair brush--my one vanity item. As long as the hair looks good, then I feel good.

8) Candy--usually peppermints, and sometimes M&Ms.

9) Business cards--those of other people,which I always pick up at festivals and other places, as well as some of my own to hand out when needed.

10) Camera--Not always with me, but it's in there right now, as I took it to my hometown the end of last week....although I never once used it during those two days.

So.....what's in YOUR purse? Write a post and link up to the blog hop (click on the pic above), or just share in the comments.


  1. Love you list! My husband has lasik surgery last summer, but before that I always has some lens wipes for him in my purse (and the car) because he hated for his glasses to be smudged.

  2. It sounds like you have a practical purse - not like the suitcase-type one that I carry. I keep hoping to scale mine down, but now on these Tues. Ten lists today that I'm reading, I keep finding more items to add. I ran out of lens wipes a few weeks ago. Thanks for reminding me. Think I'll pick some up today and throw them in my purse. :)

  3. My husband carried a handkerchief for years, until he realized (I told him) how gross it was. So I have to make sure I always have tissues. And eyeglass cleaner - I need that! My sunglasses are always filthy.

  4. Sounds very sensible. I always have my iPhone w/ me just in case I forget my camera. You never know when you'll need it. I agree a kleenex is more sanitary!

  5. I always forget to take business cards with me! That's something that would be good to stick into my purse!

  6. Wow! I just realized I left my business cards in my last purse..I stink and switching stuff out. I ALWAYS forget something!

  7. Business cards would fit in my purse! I should carry some around. I have them, but I've never handed any out.


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