Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 9: Too Close

Saturday 9: Too Close (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a friendship that turned romantic ... and it doesn't end happily. Have you ever crossed that line with a friend? If so, how did it work out? was a one time thing, and we are still friends.
2) When he was a kid, this week's singer, Alex Clare, listened to his dad's Stevie Wonder records. When you were in 7th/8th grades, what music were you into?
Pop (top 40 stuff) and country.
3) "Too Close" has been featured on the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Do you enjoy shows/books/movies about the supernatural?
Yes, mostly vampire related ones.
4) Some of Alex Clare's tour dates were sponsored by Bud Light. Do you like beer?
Only dark beers, preferably German.
5) Mr. Clare trained to be a chef, just in case the music thing didn't work out. Are you a good cook? 
I cook well enough that no one will ever starve....but I'll never be a chef.
6) Crazy Sam is forever running out of mayo because she slathers it on her sandwiches. What is currently on your grocery list?
sugar, creamer, cheese whiz, napkins, dishwashing liquid
7) Where are you most likely to find spare change -- between the sofa cushions, in your jeans as you toss them into the washer, or under the floor mat of your car?
In my jeans pockets.
8) How did you spend your Friday night -- working late, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying a quiet night at home?
Watching a couple of movies, and reading Divergent.
9) Do you use Pinterest?
I have an account, but I don't look at it all that often.  


  1. I wish I liked heavy beers better. I love the labels and the names. I think it would be more fun, and less pretentious, to be a beer lover than a wine fantatic.

  2. Cheeze Whiz ...I haven't had any of that stuff in years!

  3. I love Pinterest! All kinds of great ideas.

  4. I absolutely love your answer to number 5.......!


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