Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday 9: Theme from Peyton Place ("Wonderful Season of Love")

Theme from Peyton Place ("Wonderful Season of Love")

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) Spring, summer, fall or winter: which season do you consider most wonderful? 
Definitely summer, and the warmer the better.
2) Crazy Sam learned this song when she played flute in the high school orchestra. Did you participate in many after-school activities? 
Band and choir
3) The flautist next to her in the orchestra was Jeanne Pepitone. After a little Facebook spying, Sam learned that Jeanne is now Jeanne Moran, a nurse with a husband and a daughter. Sam shot her a "friend request." Do you keep up with your high school classmates?
Yes, several of them are now Facebook friends.
4) When she performed with the school orchestra, Sam was required to wear gray slacks and a black sweater. What are you wearing right now, as you answer these questions?
Wine colored sweat suit
5) Sam was especially dedicated to the school orchestra because she had a crush on Mr. Hanley, the school's musical director. He was the dark/thin/sensitive type. Tell us about a teacher you remember, and why he or she stands out.
My first grade teacher, Mrs. Burke...she made learning fun for me and that has lasted throughout my life.
6) Because Sam was so crazy about Mr. Hanley, she was desperate to attend his band camp. Her parents wouldn't allow it unless she could pay her own way, and so she didn't get to go. Were your parents strict or permissive? If you have children yourself, what's your parenting style?
My parents were very strict.  I was strict, but fair...some things were negotiable at certain ages.
7) Sam liked Fridays because her favorite food, fried rice, was served in the school cafeteria. When you eat Chinese food, do you use chopsticks or a fork?
Fork....I suck at using chopsticks.
8) When Sam was a little girl, a new box of Crayolas could get her pulse racing. Now she loves her Sharpies. Do you enjoy shopping for school/office supplies?
I don't enjoy ANY sort of shopping, and avoid it like the plague whenever possible. I do love my big box of crayons, however.
9) Do you have any plush toys? Or did you give them all up when you left childhood? 
I have lots of plush toys...I collect teddy bears, and I also collect dragons from the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

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  1. I think it's great that you remember Mrs. Burke so vividly. My favorite part of Sat 9 this weekend has been reading about the teachers.


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