Thursday, March 20, 2014


My views on drugs and alcohol are fairly simple. I have never and will never use any sort of recreational/illegal drugs, and I do drink alcohol in moderation.

While I have never used illegal drugs, and don't ever plan to, I am also a supporter of legalizing marijuana. I don't believe it is a dangerous gateway drug, and I believe it is actually less harmful than the cigarettes being sold legally. If it were legalized, and taxed like tobacco, it would also bring more money to the government coffers, and less to drug dealers and criminals.

When it comes to alcohol, I have a controversial view there as well. I believe that the drinking age should be returned to 18. If 18 year olds are considered mature and responsible enough to be categorized as adults in most other situations, then they should be considered the same when it comes to alcohol consumption. All three of my children were given that right in our home,with no negative results. We taught drinking in moderation, and they had three rules....they couldn't have any friends over while they were drinking, they couldn't leave the house once they had their first sip, and they weren't allowed more than one drink.

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  1. Responsibility is key, as well as moderation. You make some very valid and important points in this post. Not sure about lowering the drinking age, and for those with alcoholic tendencies, I think they should acknowledge them and avoid drinking, treating it like a poison for their bodies. It's a lengthy discussion and debate to be sure.

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