Sunday, March 9, 2014


Actually, this person is already out of my life, but I can't think of anyone who is still IN it that I feel this way about,so we'll just have to go with what's available.

This person was my best friend for several years, and I introduced her to my former husband, thinking they might get along and be friends. They got along a lot better than I expected, which turned out to be unfortunate. They ran up a $300 long distance bill on our phone when he went back to Texas after meeting her  (when he was supposed to be calling her, she was actually calling him), and after she made a trip to Texas from Ohio to visit him, she came home, sat her daughters down in OUR living room, along with my two children, told them she and my former husband were getting married, she was moving to Texas and her girls could come with her or not, she really didn't care.

Things between us went downhill from there...about 4 yrs later, we hit my breaking point, when I learned she had called my six year old daughter a "lying little bitch" for disclosing sexual abuse that had taken place in their home. Unfortunately, I had to continue to tolerate her as part of our lives, for the sake of the children.

Once the children both turned 18, I was able to back away from the relationship a bit, but still stayed in contact with her for the sake of the grandson I shared with my former husband.  The extent of that was being Facebook friends, so it was pretty easy to ignore her .

This past November, my former husband passed away, and that created a whole new set of issues. My once best friend had been separated from him for several years, and even claiming to be engaged to someone else (even though she was not yet legally divorced)....but when he died, she jumped right into the grieving widow role--and her greedy side reared its ugly head, not for the first time. She wanted to be in charge of everything, and wanted to take control of all his belongings, refusing to honor things he had told our children previously would go to them. She even had the nerve to ask someone if she would be entitled to his inheritance when his father dies!!!  

So that was when I finally put a complete end to any type of relationship with her, and have never looked back. She did so much damage to my children over the years, and I will never be able to forgive that. Introducing her to my former husband is probably the one thing I would go back in time and change if I could.

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