Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Things That Would Make A Perfect Day

The Golden Spoons

A perfect day for me would include these things:

1) Sleeping in: It's always a good day when I can sleep until I wake up, with no alarm clock and no interruptions.

2) Quality time, as we euphemistically call it on my mommy email loop, with my husband.

3) Brunch out with Barry, probably at Bob Evans.

4) Sunshine so that we could spend some time at the Arboretum, just walking and talking.

5) Alone time for me, which would also include 6) music and 7) reading

8) A nice dinner with Barry and Amy....surf and turf comes to mind.

9) Talking to my grandson on the phone, hearing about his day.

10) Cuddling on the couch with Barry, watching television or movies.

Looking back over my list, I would have to say that most of my days come pretty darned close to being perfect....I am VERY blessed!!!


  1. Love your list - and that you raised an excellent point as well. Perfect day or not, we all truly blessed. Thank you! :D

  2. I think it's awesome that your perfect day is so close to reality! What a blessing!

  3. When I think of a nice dinner, surf and turf comes to mind for me too! And it would be heavenly to wake up when I wanted to, without an alarm!

  4. We are blessed aren't we? I really thought many of these lists would be "on a beach, winning the lottery, etc." I am honestly touched by how many include quality time with family members and being mostly at home!


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