Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Ten Superpowers I would Like to Have

The Golden Spoons

Ten Superpowers I Would Like To Have

1) Invisibility--just because there are times I'd like to be somewhere without anyone knowing I was there.

2) Mind reading--because I'm way too gullible and believe people when I REALLY shouldn't.

3) Teleportation--to make it easier to visit family and friends who are far away.

4) Endless energy--because I'm fed up with getting exhausted by 3 pm every day.

5) Ability to be in two places at the same time--a clone (or two) would come in handy now and then...I could get so much more done on any given day.

6) Super strength--so I don't have to ask for help with ridiculous stuff, like jar lids or storage bins.

7) "Stretch" capability--to reach the top of the closet or the top shelf in the kitchen cabinets.

8) Self-healing properties--because I am a huge klutz, who should never be trusted with a knife, and always cut myself!

9) Ability to find all lost items immediately--for all the times I get asked "Do you know where _______ is?"

10) Ability to talk to/understand animals---just so I could talk to my cat.   :)


  1. Oh, the ability to find all lost items would be priceless at my house!

  2. I would love to be able to find all the lost stuff!! Shoes on school mornings, misplaced homework, that other earring I've been looking for!!

  3. I chose teleportation too! Last week were snowed in for over a week and I thought it would be the best way to get out of dodge!

  4. "Stretch" power! I love that you included that in your list and wish I'd thought of adding it to mine. My husband is 6' 5" and I am 5' 4" - I love when he helps unload the dishwasher or put groceries away. The trouble, however, is that he puts everything away on the top shelves - which are basically empty. It's no stretch at all for him ... but for me to reach these items, I need a step-stool. Since he's helping, I don't like to criticize - so I just keep a step-stool handy at all times ... and trip over it half the time when I'm frantically trying to get a meal on the table. LOL Loved your entire list - but especially the "stretch" superpower! :)

  5. Really good superpowers! I'd borrow from your list for sure.


  6. I'd love the ability to talk to animals. Sometimes i wonder what the heck my cat is thinking!

  7. Have you seen The Incredibles? That mom has the Stretch power and it is so cool! Great list and thanks for linking up again!


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