Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Fifteen Meme

Fifteen Meme

from Liv Rants  

What was your first job like? 
I spent a summer as a babysitter for twin five year old was a fun job for the most part.

It’s a typical Sunday, how are you spending it? 
Going to church, having lunch, watching NASCAR, family dinner, and movies

What was the happiest day of your life? 
No way to pick just one!!!

What was the best decision you ever made? 
Marrying my husband, Barry.

Tell your go-to “pretend” game as a child (who was your alter-ego?) 
Too long ago to remember.

What email service do you use? 
AOL primarily

What fandoms would you consider yourself a part of? 
Doctor Who,Game Of Thrones

Do you use anything on your lips? (eg. Chapstick, gloss, balm, lipstick) 
Gloss and/or balm

How many devices do you own which can access the internet? 
One (my laptop)

Last strong smell you can remember smelling? 

If you had to move your birthday to another date, which one would you choose and why? 
I wouldn't...quite happy with July 5th.

Inspiration behind your blog title? 
Each post is a small look into my life, like a snapshot.

If you could spend a rainy day with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why? 
My husband, because he's my favorite person to spend time with on any sort of day.

Is there a foreign culture that you love? 
German, having lived there for nearly three years.

Do you have a favorite soft drink?
Wild Cherry Pepsi, or Mountain Dew Baja Blast.


  1. I've never had either of those soft drinks. I like your blog title, and I am probably a Game of Thrones fan too but I didn't mention it. I enjoy the show but haven't read the books.

  2. I like the reasoning behind your blog title.

    I've noticed that most of us don't seem to want to change our birthdays.

  3. I am going to look for Mountain Dew Baja Blast when I go to the store today. Sounds yummy!


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