Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Finish The Sentence Friday: I Want To Tell You.....

Finish the Sentence Friday

Your choice, pick one: My best dream ever was... OR I want to tell you...

Easy choice for me, since 99.9% of the time I don't remember my dreams.  So......I'm going to tell you a little more about me this week.

I'm the firstborn child and only daughter of my parents. I have one younger brother, who is six and a half years younger than I am, born when I was in first grade. I had been hoping for a baby sister, and was disappointed to hear I had a baby brother...but once he was home, I was just happy having a baby in the house.

I was born with crossed eyes, and have worn glasses since I was 13 months old. I had surgery on both eyes when I was five, and again when I was 18, to shorten the eye muscles and keep the eyes from drifting. Sometimes, when I get really tired, my right eye will still drift slightly.

I've always been eager to learn. I taught myself to read by the time I was four years old. In first grade, my teacher told the principal that she believed I could get a perfect score on the standardized test,but I let her down....I missed ONE question.   :)    In fourth grade, the principal called my parents in to discuss double promotion, but they were against it. At the time, I was upset with them for it, but in time I realized that, since I was already one of the youngest in my class, moving ahead a year would have been disastrous for me socially....especially since I've always been a quiet, shy introvert.

So, there you have it in a life from birth to twelve.  Future installments to come.


  1. When I was pregnant with my daughter, all my son wanted was a kitten ... which is probably why he "petted" her head for the first several months. Ha!!

  2. I think it's really hard on some kids to be skipped ahead in school - a friend of mine skipped a year in fourth grade and she had a really hard time then in middle school as she was surrounded by people going through puberty and was so young, herself. I'm glad that your parents did the right thing for you!


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