Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Ten---Things That Distract Me

The Golden Spoons

Since today is National Squirrel Day, it seems only fitting that this week's Tuesday Ten would be things that distract us.  Let's see if I can come up with ten before one of them calls me away to something else.

My husband: Since he is here 24/7, he can be a large distraction. He walks into a room and starts talking to me, often in nothing but gibberish, just for fun.  :)  Or he'll talk to me from another room in the house, KNOWING that I can't understand what he's saying because of my bad left ear, and then give me grief for asking him to repeat himself.

My cat: Gandalf makes it impossible to ignore him when he decides I HAVE to pay attention to him.  He rubs up against my leg, meows at me, and if necessary will get right in my face. He is nothing if not persistent.

The television: I can be working on a blog post, or reading, or cleaning the house, and if I hear something on the television that captures my attention, I'm done for until that show is over.

The telephone: Most of the time I can ignore it, thanks to Caller ID...but not if it's a family member or close friend...then I'm talking for anywhere from half an hour to ninety minutes!!

My thoughts: Probably the most frequent distraction to me, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I'll get something in my head, and I simply can't let it go...I'll go through all sorts what ifs and if onlys, and sometimes it goes on for HOURS.

Facebook:  I'm so guilty of being distracted by Facebook....I'll tell myself I'm going to check something "really quick," then spend hours reading parenting pages and playing games.  It's a trap, I tell you!!

Other projects: This is when I start to clean the living room, and have to take something into the kitchen, where I notice the dishes need washed, so I do that, then I go into the dining room and see something that needs to be taken into the bedroom, where I decide to make the bed, then decide to take a shower, and then finally make it back to the living room, where I may or may not remember what I was doing in the first place!

A good book: This can be deadly....if I get really into a book, getting me to put it down can be almost impossible.  I'll read all day long, and possibly even stay up late if I'm close to finishing it.

Email: This is a big distraction when I'm online....that "ding" to let me know I have a new email makes me feel as though I HAVE to check it. Nine times out of ten it's spam, and I get angry with myself for checking it so quickly, but it's pretty much a Pavlovian response for me.

Trains:  At the house we lived in until May of last year, and again at this house, the train tracks are very close, so there are trains going by at random times of the day and night. I had learned to tune them out, but then my grandson and his parents came to live with us for a while, and every train brought a cry of "Nana--choo choo!" which meant racing to the back door to watch it go by....and at this house, we just have to look out the living room window. Thanks to Micheal, I am back to hearing every train, and usually stopping what I'm doing to watch it roll by---and missing having him to watch it with me.   :(

And, for the sake of full disclosure, before we moved in May, we had a yard full of squirrels who were ALWAYS  a distraction....I would sometimes sit out on the back porch just to watch their antics.


  1. I have many of the same things on my list - Facebook, Email, husband. It's truly amazing we ever get anything accomplished with so many distractions! :-) Thanks for linking up!

  2. What a great list! :) I forgot my husband and dog when I wrote mine. So glad you mentioned them. Both husbands and pets are indeed very big distractions - especially when I'm blogging or trying to ... which is why I do most of my writing late at night while they're sleeping. Otherwise, squirrels rule the roost and have me all distracted. :)

  3. There is no such thing as just a quick look at facebook, is there? And I'm with you on the book thing. I am afraid to open one because if I start, I won't be able to put it down until I'm finished...even if it's 3 AM!
    Thanks for linking up with #TuesdayTen!

  4. Thoughts are creepy in their distraction -- you think you're on topic in your thoughts and next thing you know you're remembering your sixth grade teacher or making a Christmas list. Crazy brain.

  5. My husband works long days, so he's usually not much of a distraction...until he has a day off! Then he really does distract me a lot! We don't have caller ID, but that would really help with the telephone distraction. I was waiting for a friend to call me yesterday, but I answered the phone at least three times before she called and it was only telemarketers.


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