Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Fears Of My Children

Even though all three of my children are now adults, they each have something that scares them, frightens them, creeps them out--however you want to describe it.  Today I am going to embarrass each and every one of them by sharing with you those fears.

Brian, my oldest child and only son:  For reasons I have never fully been able to understand, Brian is creeped out by sock monkeys. He can't stand to look at them, and as a child he was always VERY vocal about not wanting one, ever.

So, of course, when I saw this shirt a few weeks ago, I just HAD to buy it, and make sure I posted a picture of myself wearing it on Facebook.

Samantha, my oldest daughter has a fear of clowns.  In her case, I know where the fear came from: when she was a very young child, her father allowed her to watch the movie IT. Now she can't look at pictures of clowns, and seeing them on tv, in a movie, or at the circus is also traumatic for her.

For some reason, however, she has discovered that female clowns don't have the same effect on her. When we went to Ringling Brothers, and she and her sister were meeting some of the performers, she had no problem approaching female clowns, talking to them, and getting their autographs---but she stayed well away from the male clowns.

My youngest daughter, Amy, is terrified by spiders. As she herself will admit, it is a completely irrational fear. I tend to think that it started with her wanting to be as much like her father as possible--and he was PETRIFIED of spiders, which required me to be the designated spider killer in the house.

At one point, Amy thought that educating herself about spiders would be the best way to get over her fear. Unfortunately, that plan backfired on her...she found information on this thing, the Goliath bird-eating spider, among others, and they scared her even more. These days, she keeps a can of spider spray close when she thinks she is in a situation where she might see one, and sprays anything that even looks like it MIGHT be a spider. And if she happens to be without her spray, she still yells for Mom to come kill it for her.  It's SO nice to be needed!  LOL

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