Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That Is Completely Selfish

I'm discovering that several of the blog prompts this month have led me to write about parenting issues...some I see around me in "real life" and some that I read about on parenting pages on Facebook. This one is another example of that.  I see SO many selfish parents these days, and it just makes me feel bad for the children.

Let's start with the parents who feel it's their "right" to go out and party every weekend, leaving their child with relatives or friends. Sorry, but once you have a child, they should become your first priority. Parties should drop down the list at least a little. Now, granted, I would go out once a month or so when my kids were little, and leave them with grandparents. But that's still a far cry from every single weekend. And if you're a working parent, weekends are the best time to be spending quality time with your child---and you're dropping them off somewhere and giving that time to your friends!

And then there are parents at the other extreme...the ones who think they have the "right" to take their kids anywhere and everywhere they go. If I read one more post about moms getting angry with their nail salon because they were told not to bring their toddler back there with them (after letting said toddler run wild during their nail appointment) and saying "I'm just going to find another nail salon," I may start to scream. The people who work in the salon, and their other customers, are not there to watch your child while you get your nails done...and a nail salon is not a safe place to let a child run free. Stop just thinking about yourself, and think about other people as well!!

There are plenty of other examples, but I have a feeling I've ruffled enough feathers for one day.   Let's wait and see what tomorrow brings!   :)

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