Monday, January 20, 2014

So Far, So Good

We're three weeks into 2014 and, as today's prompt said, so far so good. No major crises, no serious illness, no bad news of any kind. In fact, it's actually been a time of pretty GOOD news, which is a big change from last year.

Even though it's winter, and we've had a few subzero days, even the weather hasn't been as bad as it could have been--and this is coming from the woman who HATES winter as a general rule. We've even had a few January days that have been over 50 degrees, so I guess it all evens out, more or less. As long as we don't have piles of snow that keep us from getting out the door, or out of the driveway, I am determined not to complain about snow this year, except in a joking way.

I've also gotten good news about my health this month. I'm done with chemo and radiation, so all I have to do now is take a pill every morning, for at least the next five years, possibly for the rest of my life. Once my skin heals enough from surgery and radiation, I can meet with the plastic surgeon to start the reconstruction process. And I'm calling today to schedule an appointment to have my port catheter removed,which will just be an outpatient procedure.

And we filed tax returns yesterday afternoon...even though our only income last year was Social Security, retirement, and unemployment, we're going to be getting enough of a refund to get us back on an even keel and give us some breathing room. (And I'm getting some "just for me" money as well!)

Here's hoping that the rest of the year stays as positive!!!

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  1. Good news and I love that 'just for me' money, enjoy it.


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