Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday 9: Best Song Ever

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here. (This is their official video and it begins with a skit; music starts at 2:25.)

1) Dancing all night to the best song ever would be good for the cardiovascular system. When is the last time you exercised?
A few weeks ago, when I was still able to take my daily 30 minute walks.

2) The girl in this song is the daughter of a dentist. "Dentophobia" is fear of dentists. How do you feel about going to the dentist?
Not a huge fan, but it's something I do because it has to be done.

3) One Direction performed this on Good Morning, America. Do you watch morning TV? If so, which show?
Not every day, but when I do it's TODAY.

4) Listening to upbeat pop songs like this one makes Sam feel young. When is the last time you participated in an activity commonly connected to childen (like swinging on a swing, drinking chocolate milk, playing a board game, etc.)?
That would have been last night, when husband and I watched "Despicable Me 2"

5) One of the boys, Louis Tomlinson, was an actor before joining the band. How many different professions have you tried? What were they? 

Babysitter, fast food worker, tutor, elementary school teacher, adult education teacher, author,poet, freelance writer.

6) The fans that have made One Direction millionaires are also the target audience for series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter andWimpy Kid. Do you read Young Adult literature? 
Yes, I've read The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, Mortal Instruments, and a few other series.

7) If this is the "best song ever," what song do you consider the worst? Tell us which song just sets your teeth on edge.
Any and all rap and hip hop songs.

8) One Direction performed at the Royal Variety Show for Queen Elizabeth. If you found yourself presented to Her Majesty, what would you say?
Very nice to meet you, Your Majesty.  :)

9) Right now, is your life moving in the right direction or are you feeling a bit aimless?
For the first time in almost a year, it's moving in the right direction again.


  1. I think I'd enjoy Despicable Me (1 & 2). Gotta remember to rent them. I feel a little awkward seeing animated movies at the theater. Unless I have a kid I could borrow for the 90 minutes.

  2. I am big fan of kid movies, so we rent them once they come out of DVD. I love when I have my 4 yr old grandson around to watch them with me and be my excuse! :)

  3. Oh, I forgot about the movies I watched last weekend, I should go back and edit my answer!

  4. I generally don't get to watch children's movies, my husband always has control of the remote!

  5. now my son is 17, I can't get him to go to the movies with me that often. We used to go a lot, and that was always my excuse for seeing the kid movies. :)

  6. I haven't gotten to seen Despicable Me 2 yet, but I do love those minions! :)

    I agree with you about rap and hip hop songs. I don't know--just not my style, I guess.

  7. Glad your life is moving in the right direction! I bought my kids Despicable Me 2 after it came out, and they laughed SO hard. Wish I'd watched it with them.


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