Thursday, January 9, 2014

Re-Introducing The Family

Today's prompt: If you're at all interested in our....

Taking today's post to re-introduce everyone to the members of the family that will be mentioned in posts throughout the year.

First of all, there's me, obviously. My name is Teresa. I am 52 years old, and a stay at home wife/mom who lives in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. I've been writing poetry since I was 10 yrs. old, and I have occasionally dabbled in writing prose, both fiction and nonfiction. I've had thoughts of becoming a freelance writer, but life keeps making other plans for me....most recently, spending the majority of 2013 battling breast cancer (much of which is chronicled in this blog if you'd care to look back and read it.).  I'm also a former teacher, who taught kindergarten, third grade and adult education in the course of my career.

I have a variety of interests other than my writing. There's my family, reading (I'm always working on at least two books at the same time, which I write about at my blog Book Babble), music, movies, crossword puzzles, genealogy, working with children, playing Facebook games...and tons of other things, but I'm sure those will become evident as you continue to follow me here.

I've been married for almost eleven years now to my husband, Barry. He's retired from the Marines and the Postal Service, and until about a year ago he worked at a customer service call center. Fate stepped in and he lost that job just before I was diagnosed with my cancer, so that he was able to be a major rock for me...taking me to doctor appts., chemo and radiation treatments, sitting with me for days when I was admitted to the hospital, and taking care of just about everything around the house.  He has a knack for surprising me with little gifts "just because," right when I need cheering up....and for frustrating/irritating me with little things as well, so it all balances out!!  We share a love of movies, music, and books, and of just being homebodies together.

Then there are my three wonderful children: a son and two daughters. Brian will turn 28 later this month. He lives near Cincinnati, Ohio with his fiance, Jennifer (they just became officially engaged on Christmas, when he surprised her with a gorgeous ring, dropping down on one knee and the whole deal...he made his old-fashioned mother VERY proud!)  He is currently working at Walmart, and planning to continue his college education later this year. He is artistically inclined (we have several sketches he's done over the years), and he also enjoys music, movies, anime, and video games.

Samantha is 24 years old, and lives in Michigan with her husband, Andy, and their 4 year old son, Micheal. She's a stay at home mom, which has given her a lot more appreciation for her OWN mother, which is always nice. She has always had a very vivid imagination (I'll have to do an entire post one day about some of the stories she told as a child!), and she has enjoyed writing stories since she was a preteen.

Amy is 21, and is the only child still living at home. She is currently working at McDonalds, and plans to continue her education in nursing, looking at a career in pediatric nursing. She's always been good with children, and they seem to love her, as well, so I think it is a good fit for her. Like her brother, Amy has artistic talents, and she also has more writing talent than she is willing to admit.

As I said, I also have a four year old grandson, Micheal. He goes to school four days a week, which he seems to be enjoying. He got his first pair of eyeglasses this fall, and recently failed a hearing test in his left ear, which they'll be taking him to a specialist for next week, to get more information and find out where to go from here. Micheal is a huge ball of energy, and he seems to have inherited his mother's imagination skills, telling me some amazing stories during our telephone conversations.

There is one more member of our family that I can't forget to mention. That would be our grey, tiger striped, part Maine Coon cat, Gandalf, who is about 5 yrs. old. Like his human momma, he's a bit skittish when he first meets people, but once he gets to know you, he is very friendly and sweet.  He is the only cat I have ever met who licks curtains (although he doesn't do it as often now as he did when he was younger)! He used to sit on the back of the sofa, grab a curtain with one front paw to hold it steady, and start licking it. He will also stand up on his back legs and try to turn doorknobs to get into places where he wants to be. So far he hasn't been successful, but if he ever is, we are all in BIG trouble!

So that's us in a nutshell....welcome to our crazy life.  :)

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