Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Horrible Weather

Today's Prompt: I've seen some pretty horrible...

I've lived through some blizzards, and some pretty cold winters, but the last couple of days have been the worst, hands down.  We were lucky not to have that much snow, but friends and family have reported several feet in other areas of the country.  And yesterday every state in America had below freezing temperatures somewhere (yes, even in Hawaii!!)  Global warming?  I think NOT!!!

Here in southwestern Ohio, Monday and Tuesday were the really cold days. Monday it was double digits below zero, and with the wind chill it was between -30 and -35 all day.  Yesterday it "warmed up" to around 9, but the wind chill was still around -20.  This morning I woke up to 9 degrees, with the wind chill at -2, and an expected high of 23, with scattered snow showers predicted as well.

Monday, everyone in the family stayed home and didn't even attempt to get out and do anything. The one social engagement Amy and I had, our weekly Bible study, was cancelled due to the subzero temperatures. Yesterday, Amy was supposed to be at work at 5 am, but she had to call in because she couldn't get into her car--the doors were frozen shut until sometime yesterday afternoon. Fortunately she was able to get to work this morning, so life is beginning to look at little more normal again.

On the bright side, Friday's high is expected to be 40, with even higher temperatures on Saturday and Sunday.  Gotta love winters in Ohio!

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