Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2014!  This is the blog post where most people talk about their resolutions for the new year, and all the things they want to change about themselves over the next twelve months. Not for this girl, though! I have come to realize that making resolutions never works for me, so I don't waste the time on them anymore.

I do have one goal and one wish for the coming year, however. The goal is fairly simple, so I should be able to accomplish them, and the wish is out of my hands, so it will either come true or it won't, and life goes on either way.


With everything that I went through in 2013, this is the most important thing to me this year. No more putting things off till tomorrow that I can accomplish today, because I might not BE here tomorrow. If I want to do something, and I have the ability/resources to do it, then I'm going to go ahead and do it. If it means stepping out of my comfort zone a little more this year, then so be it. It's time to get back to living my life, instead of just existing on a day to day basis.


Like I said, this one is totally out of my hands.  I see my oncologist on the 14th of this month, at which time I presume we'll discuss setting up some scans to find out where we stand at the end of chemo and radiation....and those results will tell us what, if anything, our next plan of action will be. I'm hoping and praying to be cancer free, so that life can get back to what passes for normal around here, at least until I've healed enough to move on to the next step, which will be my reconstruction surgery. That won't be till sometime in the summer at the earliest, though...

So, that's where I am as this new year begins....hope you'll stick around to see where it's going to lead us!

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