Thursday, January 2, 2014

Almost There....

This prompt had me stumped for a while when I first read it. For so many months, my "almost there" has been about my cancer...almost to the end of chemo, almost to surgery, almost to the end of radiation. But now those things are all in the past. So what's my NEW "almost there?"

And then it came to me....the things I've been putting on hold since May. We moved into a new house at the end of May, and I'm just NOW getting around to finishing up making it feel like HOME. We didn't get pictures on the wall until last month, and I'm planning now to do some organizing/decluttering.  My first project for January (after taking down all the Christmas decorations on or after the 6th--I've gone back to my old tradition of waiting till Epiphany) is going to be to tackle our bedroom.

I have a bad habit of just tossing things into our room, and keeping the door closed so that no one sees how bad it really gets. And then when I go in there, I get overwhelmed with the mess, and tell myself I'll think about it later. So it's time to meet the challenge head on, pick a spot and get started.  Hopefully it won't take more than a couple of days to get it where I want it....I'll try to remember to post when I actually get it done.

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