Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Time Flies

I didn't realize till just now that it's been nearly two months since my last post here. Things went at such a whirlwind pace from September 15th till now, and days have just flown by.

I had my surgery on September 27th, thanks to a cancellation I learned about on September 23rd. I went to the hospital bright and early that morning, and had to wait around for several hours before I got taken into the OR, which was around 10 am. I remember getting a shot in pre-op and being wheeled down the hall toward the OR...I don't remember anything else until I woke up in a room on the surgical ward, with my mother and husband walking in, around 2 pm.  By 5 pm, when dinner arrived, I was ready to sit up in a chair and eat, and I managed to eat pretty much everything on my tray. I did so well that I was released at 9 am the following morning.

The worst part of the early days after surgery was going home with two drains in my side, and having to empty them twice a day. When I went back to see the surgeon ten days later, the drains were removed, and the surgeon was impressed with the movement I had in my right arm. When I went back a week later, he said he didn't need to see me again for six months. He also gave me a prescription for a prosthesis to wear until we start the reconstruction phase. (All I can say is thank goodness for insurance....the prosthesis and two bras cost $425!!!)

When I met with my oncologist after surgery, I was put on a daily regimen of Tamoxifen, which is a hormone blocker. That means I'm back to hot flashes and night sweats...and I'm extra crabby at times, as well. I know it's necessary, since my cancer is hormone receptive, but it's still annoying!!!

Yesterday I started my 30 days of radiation...two down, 28 to go. Because of construction work being done at the base hospital, we have to make a 25 minute drive (each way) to the Dayton VA Hospital for my treatments. On top of that, I don't yet have a set appointment time: yesterday it was 3:15 pm, today it was 2:30 pm, and tomorrow it's 12:45 pm.  And both days so far, I've had to sit in the waiting room for half an hour past my scheduled appointment time. All of that is going to get on my nerves if it continues for the whole six weeks.  :(

Now that I'm posting again, I'll try to be more consistent and not leave 2 months of nothing.

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