Monday, August 26, 2013

Round Six, Weeks One and Two

(Very much behind, so combining both weeks of round six in one post.)

Tuesday morning, I met with Doctor Wood. He checked out the tumor, and says that it appears to be half the original size, which is GREAT news .He gave me a prescription for Benadryl to help with the rash I got from the chemo last time around. After the appointment with him, I went to have some blood work done, then came home, expecting to have a relaxing afternoon.  About an hour later, I got a call from one of the nurses, because my potassium level was very high, so they wanted to re-do the test. Made the trip back over to the hospital (glad it only takes about 5 minutes!), had more blood drawn, then sat in the waiting room reading my book for about an hour waiting for the results. First result was 6.8, and the second one was 3.6, which is normal. Guessing there was a glitch somewhere in the first test. :)

Wednesday was chemo day. Spent four hours at the hospital--reading, watching tv, drinking decaf sweet tea and eating Chicken in a Bisket crackers. Took my Benadryl, but not before the rash popped least it was gone by dinner time. Still had my appetite all day as well.

Thursday I slept in a little, at least for me. Instead of getting up between 4 and 6, I woke up at 7. Watched some tv, talked to my mother for an hour. Ate like I was never going to see food again....LOL  Went in to the hospital to get my shot, came home and took a short walk down the street to see a friend, came back home and spent the afternoon on Facebook and watching NCIS reruns.

Friday evening the pain in my legs started, and it lasted until Tuesday of week two. Fortunately it comes and goes when I have it, so I don't suffer constantly. And sometimes, just to change things up, the pain is in my hands or my back instead of my legs.  :)

The last half of week two was pretty quiet.  I'm still keeping myself on "house arrest" for the most part until chemo is done, to avoid as many germs as possible, but at least I'm able to putter around the house and do a few things to feel useful, whenever the pain subsides or until I get tired. I'll be very glad when all the chemo is done, that's for sure!!!

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