Friday, August 2, 2013


Reading: And Man Created God, by Selina O'Grady. It's a discussion of the various religions, philosophies and 'gods' in the world at the time of Jesus. Starting off a little dry, but I'll keep powering through and see if it gets any more interesting.

Thinking about: Same as last issues that are giving me lots of sleepless, tear-filled nights. Just what I don't need is more stress right now!!!

Feeling thankful: That I got through round five of chemo without a stay in the hospital...things are starting to look up in that regard.

Eating: A big bowl of Lucky Charms--and enjoying the fact that I've had a good appetite for nearly two weeks now.

Looking forward to:  A quiet day at home doing nothing, especially since I've been awake all night.

Watching: Nothing....just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Working on: Not falling apart, and being the strong woman I have learned that I am.

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