Thursday, July 11, 2013

Round Three, Part Two

Meant to update this a lot sooner, but real life took precedence over blogging yet again.

I had round three of my chemo on Wednesday, June 26th. As usual, everything went smoothly at the hospital, and for the next several queasiness, nausea or vomiting, just the usual tiredness and a lot of napping. I started the at home antibiotics on Saturday, and went to church on Sunday, and to Bible study on Monday.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was starting to feel as if the fever might be coming on again. Tuesday at bedtime,it was running around 99 degrees, so I took a couple of Tylenol trying to fight it back before it got to the 100.5 mark that requires a trip to the ER.

Wednesday morning, everything all went crazy. I woke up and headed to the bathroom, and wound up on the floor beside the door of the bedroom, thanks to my lightheadedness. Once I got to the bathroom, I took my temperature and it was 101.7 degrees. I didn't take any more Tylenol. but I took my antibiotic, to see if that would have any effect.

Unfortunately, the lightheaded feeling continued any time I stood up, and got progressively worse. The temperature didn't go down, either, so I called in to the Cancer Center, to fill them in, and then got ready to head to the ER.

That's when the lightheaded feeling/weakness really kicked my butt. I took both my husband, Barry, and my daughter, Amy, to get me from the living room to the car...and we had to stop several times along the way so I didn't pass out/fall down.

Once I got in the car, sitting down again, I started to feel a little better again. At the ER, Barry got a wheelchair to get me inside, to triage, and back to the treatment room, where I went on a stretcher. At this point, I started to shiver, so I was given two warm blankets while I had blood work done. Then I had to go have a chest x-ray done (which I got to sit on a stool for, instead of standing).

Eventually I made it upstairs to a room, in the middle of the afternoon. Turns out the dizziness/weakness/shivering was due to my low hemoglobin level, so the first course of treatment was a blood transfusion. That took several hours, and lots of vital checks, so I didn't get a lot of rest on Wednesday evening/night. 

Once the blood was in, the antibiotics got started. We tried a different one this time around, in hopes of avoiding the side effects of the last two times in the hospital. It lessened it, but we still didn't avoid it. :(

I spent the 4th of July, and my birthday (the 5th) in the hospital, which was depressing, but at least I had visitors to keep me company There was also a second blood transfusion in there somewhere (all the days sort of ran together for me). It was Monday, July 8th, in the midafternoon, before I got to come home...just in time to start over again on Tuesday.

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